CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A Piedmont Virginia Community College library assistant who has spent more than 30 years in her 1935 Belmont home needed several home repairs. 

"It was renovated in 1985, so four years before we bought it, but we haven't really done anything since then," said Charlottesville resident Janet Starosta. "I couldn't afford to do any of the repairs because I have been living here for so long that I needed some help."

She received help from AHIP's home rehab program. 

"When they first came in, they asked me what did I want to have done and my main thing was I wanted to have the boiler done, and I haven't even considered basement installation or attic installation," said Starosta.

AHIP's crew installed new gutters, mini splits to replace the window air conditioning units, and various electrical and plumbing updates.

The nonprofit organization also partnered with the Local Energy Alliance Program to complete the energy efficiency-related parts of the project.

"In Charlottesville, new affordable housing units is so critical, but also taking care of our families who have been here for generations who want to age in place and simply just don't have the means to move to a newer home," said AHIP's Director of Development Ashley Patel.

The nonprofit has served the community for more than four decades, stepping in to help residents like Starosta.

The project coincides with AHIP's 45th anniversary.

"Because of our community lifting others up and lifting up our neighbors in need we have been able to serve over 4,000 people in this community," said Patel.

To help provide a sense of safety and comfort to area residents like Starosta in their homes. 

"Everything's up to code, so in some ways, it's like a new house," Starosta said.  "I just feel like I'm going to be here forever. I already been here for 32 years. I'm going for another 32."