ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Albemarle County is reminding residents about an ordinance concerning parking commercial or recreational vehicles on residential streets.

According to a release, the ordinance says "it is unlawful for any person to park any commercial and recreational vehicle, or place any portable or mobile storage container, or dumpster on the state secondary highways in areas zoned for residential use."

This ordinance was implemented in 2020.

There are several types of vehicles that are now allowed to park on residential streets.

These include:

  • Any vehicle with a  gross weight of more than 16,000 pounds, more than 25 feet long, eight feet high or more than 102 inches wide.
  • Any solid waste collection vehicle, tractor truck and/or trailer, dump truck, concrete mixer truck, tow truck or any heavy contractions equipment.
  • Vehicles and trailers that are used for food or beverage storage or distribution.
  • Trailers or semitrailers used for transporting landscaping, lawn care, or construction equipment.
  • Any vehicle used to transport passengers or property for compensation.
  • School buses or vehicles that were previously used as school buses.
  • Any watercraft.
  • Any motor home or camping trailer.
  • Any trailer or semitrailer, or vehicle carrying commercial freight in plain view.
  • Any vehicles with three or more axles.

There is an exception regarding portable storage boxes that says they can be parked on the street in the 48 hours before or after a new lease or move.

Another exception is for marked and privately owned vehicles that are not-for-hire and are driven by or used for the transport of a person with a disability.

Vehicles can also pick up or unload passengers or be parked when there is work or other services being completed at the address.

A portable or mobile storage container or dumpster can be parked in residential streets if it has a Virginia Department of Transportation permit.

For more information on this ordinance, click here.