MINERAL, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Louisa County enters this season with their playoff loss still fresh in their mind and a goal of playing for a region championship come Thanksgiving this year.

"We just got to finish because our last game I don't think we finished very well," junior quarterback Landon Wilson said, "So we finish all our drills hard, finish with a burst, finish sprints hard, so that was our main thing coming in after last season."

"The way it ended was very heartbreaking, but since we came together as a team at the end of the year," senior wide receiver/defensive back Jordan Smith said, "We're definitely going very much harder this year."

Led by third-year starting quarterback Landon Wilson, the Lions return a deep core of juniors who have grown up playing the game together.

"We got a really good core coming back, the senior leadership, a lot of juniors on this team," head coach Will Patrick said, "Those guys learned a lot in the spring time and we're excited to see what they can do this fall."

"Junior year I really feel strong about," junior defensive end Qwenton Spellman said, "I really feel this group has come a long way and we've got a lot to show."

For four straight seasons Louisa County has been the class of the Jefferson District, winning 26 straight-district games. But the district will have a different look this year with competition rising and Goochland joining the fray.

"I've been wanting to play Goochland for awhile now, the team and I especially," Wilson said, "Because I believe they were in our district and then they switched out, now they're back, so we just want to welcome them back to the Jefferson District."

"Somewhat like that because I know Coach Patrick, we've got a whiteboard over there and he wrote a star right next to Goochland's name because we know that's the game everyone wants to see," Spellman said.

The Lions will also have to adjust to a new region, going from the gauntlet of Region 4B to Region 4D and the defending state champs in Salem.

"I think if everybody can do their part this team has a lot of potential and can turn some heads in this area and maybe the state," Patrick said, "But at the end of the day it's all about us, not going to worry about what other people do. All we can control is how we show up every day and go to work."