CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The University of Virginia Health System is improving its standard of care by opening a new training space to help kidney patients.

Some pediatric patients require treatments at home, like dialysis. The Family Education Room in the Battle Building will be a place where parents can learn how to confidently care for their child.

Dialysis requires several weeks of training and this room will be an inviting, distraction-free space for it. The pediatric kidney care team has worked for several months to make the room a reality.

Nurse Coordinator Mary Duffy says if parents aren't trained well, it could be life-threatening for their kids.

"Dialysis is not a one-time thing for families to do at home," she said. "It is a nightly event that they are doing and if it's not done properly and if it's not done with attention to detail, they can actually give their children an infection."

Before the opening of this space, Duffy had to find open spaces around the hospital and transport her equipment to various places in order to provide this training.

She says this room will help UVA Health provide the support the families need to stay motivated and to keep their children safe.