CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Charlottesville Police Department Chief of Police RaShall Brackney was terminated Wednesday.

After two surveys showed major concerns with department leadership by rank and file officers, the city announced Brackney's sudden termination. She is on paid leave for the next 90 days.

Major Jim Mooney has been re-instated and will return as the assistant chief of police, where he will run department operations until further notice. On Monday, he had announced he was going to retire.

 Some of the results  from the internal survey show:

  • Officers feel command staff will not support them professionally or publicly if a false allegation is made against them.
  • 58 percent said they don't feel professionally supported by command staff.
  • 59 percent said they would leave the department if offered another job with similar pay and benefits.

When officers were asked what command staff could do better to support them and the department, the responses included "provide a vision for the department" and "listen to the officers. Show appreciation. Make us feel valued."

City Manager Chip Boyles released a statement Wednesday evening:

"I am looking for a new leadership direction in the department and we will start the search for our next Chief immediately. We wish Dr. Brackney all the best in her future endeavors."

Bellamy Brown, the chairman of the Police Civilian Review Board, says Brackney's sudden termination will benefit the department in the long run.

"For me, I think for the community as a whole, this is a hopeful step forward," he said.

On Wednesday night, Mayor Nikuyah Walker took to Facebook, initially posting "white supremacy is winning" and then later talking about the decision on Facebook Live.

She has since deleted or changes the settings on her initial status update, making it unavailable to be viewed.

"Everything that happened today was wrong. We allowed, primarily white officers, equivalent of a union, and someone who was in their feelings about a job they didn't get was because of her. And your mayor found out after she'd been fired," said Walker during her Facebook Live video.

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Brown says this is not a racial issue.

None of the members of the Charlottesville City Council responded to direct requests for comment on Brackney's termination or the internal police survey.