CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Although there was a film festival last year, it was much different because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Viewers could only watch online or go to drive-in theaters. However, this year people can participate in person. 

October marks the 34th annual Virginia Film Festival. There will be different showings at the Paramount Theater and Violet Crown in downtown Charlottesville and Morven Farm in eastern Albemarle County. 

After nearly two years of being quarantined and distanced, VAFF Director Jody Kielbasa said this festival will help people restore a sense of community after being apart for so long.

"I think what people missed more than anything is seeing their friends and other people in the community and experiencing things together, and one of the great ways of doing that is watching a film together,” said Kielbasa. 

Participating venues encourage everyone to come out while following safety guidelines. 

Each venue has its own COVID-19 safety rules. The Paramount Theater requires proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Both the Paramount and Violet Crown enforce masking for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

Morven Farm does not have any specifications and will be utilized as a drive-in theater. 

The full program of film showings will be available Sept. 30. You can purchase tickets here.