CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A member of the Dave Matthews Band, and two-time Grammy-nominated composer, is using his talents to help the community.

Tim Reynolds, lead guitarist for the band, released a solo song on Friday, and 100 percent of the proceeds go back to the city that helped him launch his career.

“I just want to be able to give something back that comes from the heart,” Reynolds said.

He grew up in a military family, frequently moving around the country. When he eventually landed in Charlottesville in 1981, the city quickly grew a special place in his heart.

Not only did the city help him start a musical career, but it changed his view of the world. 

That's why Reynolds dedicated all of the proceeds from his new song, "Guardian Angels," to the Public Housing Association of Residents, or PHAR.

Reynolds said the song symbolizes all of Charlottesville's ongoing changes.

“That symbolizes that Charlottesville is stronger than all the negative, political and racist things happening. It’s got a heart that is very strong,” he said.

PHAR is a Black-led, grassroots organization dedicated to low-income residents of Charlottesville and elevating their voices. When it found out about the song's dedication, it was music to the organization's ears.

“We are so excited for time to be donating all of the proceeds. I think the title 'Guardian Angels' is just so important because it takes the angels in our societies to make sure nonprofits such as PHAR can further our mission,” said Shelby Edwards, PHAR’s executive director.

Edwards said the proceeds from this song will help make the city a better place.

“What we’re doing at PHAR is giving the residents involved designing the places and in a way, undoing what happened systemically in Charlottesville,” she said. 

You can purchase the single by Tim Reynolds (ft. Nikki Glaspie) here.

Learn more about PHAR here.