CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Hours after a heated debate on Tuesday night, both of the candidates fighting to be Virginia's next governor reacted.

The two nominees, Glenn Youngkin (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D), could not be more different.  

On nearly every topic, from abortion to Afghan refugees to COVID vaccine mandates, there are big differences, and neither candidate is shy about pointing them out.

Following Tuesday night's final gubernatorial debate, there's a lot of attention around schools and curriculum. 

The main question concerns how should lessons and policies be decided by the state and local districts, and what role parents should play.

"He believes that the government and unions should be telling all Virginians what to do and most shockingly, parents. He said, 'I don't think parents should be telling schools what to teach,'” said Youngkin.

When asked what kind of say parents should have when it comes to the curriculum in schools, McAuliffe pointed to school boards.

"Listen, we have a Board of Ed, working with the local school boards to determine the curriculum for our schools. You don't want parents coming in, in every different school district saying this is what should be taught here and this is what should be taught there,” he said.

Another point of contention was comparisons to presidents.

McAuliffe has frequently said Youngkin is a Trump wannabe, and when asked if that offended him, Youngkin turned the topic.

"Well, what offends me is that Terry McAuliffe cannot tell the truth and he just continually lies about his plan," said Youngkin.

When asked how he feels being called a Biden wannabe, McAuliffe said, "thank you."

"Thank you President Biden for sending Virginia $14.3 billion this year. Lifted up seven million families, 1.5 million families in Virginia today with children,” said McAuliffe.

During the debate, when Youngkin was asked if he would support Trump for a potential 2024 run, he said "if he was the Republican nominee, he would.”