MINERAL, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- A few years ago Louisa County's Kylie Robinson had never picked up a volleyball, but the connection to the sport was instant.

"It was definitely overwhelming at first going to practice and learning everything," Robinson said thinking back to her eighth grade year, "But I knew from the second that I started that I just loved it so much and I wanted to continue it for as long as I could."

"I can remember Kylie trying to learn to just roll the ball," Louisa County volleyball coach Rachel Green said, "But it was just through that hard work and perseverance and just that drive and desire and her love for volleyball that really got her to where she is today."

Now Robinson is a two-time All-Jefferson District pick and the glue for the Lions, but it all started with the work just months after picking up the sport.

"I remember all through that time being with my dad outside doing as much as I could, using a volleyball outside, getting my brother and sister to help me too or just a wall," Robinson said.

Where Kylie stands out most though is her leadership, as a three-time captain for Louisa County.

"Has such a passion and love for the game and for her teammates that she just really pulls them along and supports them," Green said, "They look to here for leadership, for support, for guidance. They just depend on her so much on the court."

So it is no surprise on Robinson's college hunt the words leadership stood out to her most when picking to play volleyball at Bridgewater.

"I talked to a lot of coaches before I talked to Bridgewater," Robinson said, "But what stood out most about them was just even in their email they sent me, they asked me a lot of questions about how I felt about leadership."

Off the court Kylie has helped get her teammates involved in Life4Real, a nonprofit helping survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. Just another example of Robinson leading the way for the Lions.

"Kylie makes the world a better place, she makes me a better person, she makes her teammates better players," Green said, "I think all the community stuff that she does really speaks highly of that."