CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- People might remember Chef Laura Fonner from her time on Guy's Grocery Games on the Food Network or tried her signature dishes at Duner's.

But now, the Charlottesville native is opening her new restaurant, "Siren."

The American-Mediterranean-inspired seafood restaurant opens Dec. 9.

Fonner won $60,000 from her appearances on the competition cooking show. She saved all of her winnings to open her own restaurant.

She specifically wanted to create one that stands out from Charlottesville's already booming culinary scene

“I try to do things that you necessarily couldn't get anywhere else in town. Obviously, it's seafood-focused and there's a lack of seafood-focused places in Charlottesville," said Fonner. "So I tried to fill a little hole here with that but I think if you come, check out my menu, especially my brunch menu, you'll get a peek inside this crazy head.” 

Siren will be open for dinner six days a week and they serve brunch on Sundays.

It is located in the former Shebeen Pub and Braai on Ridge McIntire Road.