RUCKERSVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The holiday season is all about giving and that's what Brian Shifflett and Corey Morris have always done, even when they had little to give.

Saturday's fifth annual Morgan in the Morning Holiday Home Invasion gave this family the Christmas miracle they deserve.

"I really didn’t think we were going to have a Christmas," said Shifflett.

He and Morris haven’t had a real Christmas in a long time.

Shifflett explained that Christmas hasn't been around for them for the past three or four years. They fell hard during the pandemic and for a while, it seemed like their luck would never change.

"He broke his foot and he went to the hospital and they told him he had to be in a cast and home for six weeks, and he said 'No, I have to have money coming in for my family.' He tightened his work boot up and worked on that broken foot,” explained Corey’s grandmother.

Still, they put others before themselves. That's why they were nominated for this year's Holiday Home Invasion.

"I mean I've seen her be in the grocery store or just in line somewhere and somebody is short of money and she puts stuff back to help this person," said Corey’s mother.

On Saturday, they came home to roofing and plumbing repairs, a new dog pen, Christmas gifts and a check to help them through the season.

Afterward, Shifflett explained that it was almost too good to be true.

"It's definitely a life-changer, you know, I thought things like this were just fantasy," he said.

Their fantasy is now a reality, just in time for Christmas, which is something Corey’s mother explained they never experienced before.

"They've never done Christmas for themselves. Never bought each other a Christmas present for each other, so it just means a lot," she said.

The Holiday Home Invasion wouldn't be complete without the help of 99.7 CYK staff and all the community members who donated money and delivered presents.