GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Greene County Planning Commission discussed a proposed glamping, or upscale camping, project off of Dyke Road on Wednesday night.

Members voted 3-2 to recommend denying the special use permit needed to build the glampsite, but it wasn't an easy call.

The meeting saw the planning commission's largest attendance ever, with the discussion taking three and a half hours.

Some people say the development is necessary as it will bring new jobs and $607,000 in tax revenue but other residents have bigger concerns.

"It's like building a Marriott in the middle of nowhere," said Greene resident Megan Green.

"It's too big and affects too many people," added fellow resident Angela Shifflett. 

They’re worried about the traffic, increased litter and noise that a 144 tent campsite would create, but in the Wednesday night meeting, a new concern was shared.

“That is a low water area. We're all on well water so they would have to dig several, several wells,” explained Green.

The project would require about one well per eight glamping tents that would be built, which means 18 new wells in an area with a dwindling water supply. 

“Is that going to detract from my water supply,” asked Green.

She says it's just one of the many questions the Sojourner Glamping Company failed to answer during the hearing.

There's a lot of what-ifs or what could happen and no one knows the answers.

The Greene County Board of Supervisors still has the final say.

If the supervisors adhere to the planning commission's recommendation, the land will be turned into a 29-home subdivision.

At this time, it is not known when the supervisors will be discussing this topic.