CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia were without power Monday night.

Inches of snow, heavy wind, and downed trees left nearly 40,000 Dominion Energy customers in the dark in Central Virginia.

"We've seen some pretty catastrophic damage in pockets all across the Commonwealth. So, we've got crews fanned out,” said Dominion spokesperson Rayhan Daudani.

He said with temperatures dipping in the teens, refreeze is another roadblock.

"In a situation like this when we've got sub-freezing temperatures, we understand just how critical it is to be able to provide that service to our customers,” said Daudani.

Those still waiting are left wondering when they'll see power crews in their neighborhoods.

"It goes back to the largest number of customers. And again, talking about access, in some cases it may be difficult to access those outages,” added Daudani.

For rural areas, Dominion Spokesperson Jeremy Slayton says it could take up to three to four days before the lights are back on.

"We just ask you to be patient. Our crews are working quickly and efficiently and safely to make sure all power is restored as safely as possible,” Slayton added.

And if you're one of the lucky ones with electricity, Daudani says check on your neighbor.

"Even if you are warm, check on your loved ones and neighbors and make sure that they are warm and safe and getting the help they may need,” Daudani said.

Dominion says the best ways to stay warm during power outages are to wear lawyers, stay in a confined space, and use blankets and battery-powered space heaters. The company says do not use car engines, gas stoves, camp stoves or ovens.