CROZET, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- While power is mostly restored for those in Crozet, Pro Re Nata brewery wanted to show appreciation for the linemen and electricians.

Since Friday, team members have been handing out free meals and inviting workers into the brewery for some warmth after their long shifts. 

Alongside Hops Kitchen and Skyline Apothecary, Pro Re Nata has been working hard to provide this service to the power crews.

Jane Hammel, general manager of Pro Re Nata and owner of Skyline Apothecary, said it was the least they could do.

“We see so many of these hard-working CVEC, Dominion, power company workers out doing everything they can. This has been such a challenging and frustrating time for our community, but we'd be in such a terrible spot without all this extra help,” she added.

Power crews weren't the only ones Pro Re Nata invited in this past week. The space also opened its doors to community members who needed a break from the cold.

Hammel, herself, lost power for more than 100 hours and knew that the brewery was what the public needed to stay warm.

“Pro Re Nata is our community. It is a community space. We wanted to be a comfortable and inviting space for everybody to come and we just wanted to do anything we could to make things a little bit easier in a really hard week,” Hammel said.

The brewery plans on continuing to serve these meals Saturday evening and into Sunday if the need is there.