LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- People in Louisa County provided free hot meals to first responders who worked during last week's severe snowstorm.

Tuesday's drive-thru event was organized by both the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce and The Point Church.

"There's just been an outpouring to support all the people in the trenches dealing with this disaster we've been facing," said Tracy Clark, the executive director of the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce.

"This is coming from our local reach budget from our church. We budget for responses for needs that come up in our community," Pastor Nick Stever said.

Louisa County first responders say residents took a hit from the snowstorm like no other.

"I've been in the fire service for 45, 46 years, and next to a hurricane in a previous job that I worked at in the fire department, this was probably the worst weather-related incident I've ever seen in my entire career,” said Louisa County Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Captain David Bogozi.

"I've seen and worked a lot of major storms in my career, but I have to say that the devastation that we've seen, as far as trees, the electrical system, the grids here in this county, it was unimaginable," Louisa County Sheriff’s Office Major Ronnie Roberts said.

Tuesday's initiative fed 1,000 emergency workers, each grateful for the community's support.

"This speaks volumes. I think actions speaker louder than words," Roberts said.

"It feels good to know the community cares and appreciates what we're doing. There was a lot of effort and hours put in by power companies, VDOT, local fire and police," said Chris Martin, a Virginia Department of Transportation driver.

Clark says the church will continue to support first responders as long as there's a need.

"We take care of each other. We face tragedies like anyone else. No matter what background and what situation," she said.