CROZET, Va (CBS19 Sports) -- When you walk into a high school swim meet in Central Virginia, you will notice a couple things: the energy coming from the Western Albemarle Warriors and the senior who is leading it.

"That cheer to me is honestly one of the most fun ones, you can get everyone involved," said Western Albemarle senior swimmer Sam Johnson. "I know I was screaming and everybody else was screaming to me its like you're around these people, it's energetic."

Sam Johnson, named the Central Virginia Swimmer of the Year as a junior last year, brings the hype and support for his team.

"Super competitive, high energy kid who is probably one of the most supportive of his teammates swimmers I've ever had on the team," said Western Albemarle swim coach Dan Bledsoe. "He is always pumping up everyone on the team, seeing the positive in every swim."

His enthusiasm for his family of western swimmers was recognized early on.

"Captains and our seniors from the year prior kinda identify who they think are our next cheerleader type person: who's gonna lead the cheer? It was an easy call for the seniors last year like Sam is our guy," said Bledsoe.

At a program like Western Albemarle, it was easy for Sam to buy into the culture of success and family.

"It was a changing experience for me because you get to meet these people and then you start to work really hard together and thats kinda the bond that you don't really see with most other sports," said Johnson.

For just as vocal as he is on the pool deck, he also lets his swimming do the talking. Johnson won his first state championship as a sophomore, winning the 200 freestyle.

"Once you win something like that once you're a champion for the rest of your life," said Johnson.

"He's been on state winning relays," said Bledsoe. "He's won three state championships as part of the team. Earlier in the season he was part of a 400 free relay that shattered our previous record."

Being a leader is more than just getting the team excited to Sam. It's about molding the future.

"Being a leader, you're on this team is you're trying to build other leaders for the next couple generations," said Johnson. "We're not just trying to build athletes, we're building leaders in the pool and out of the pool."

"You just know whatever you put Sam in he's gonna give max effort," said Bledsoe.