RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Attorney General Jason Miyares has announced his legislative agenda.

His legislative priorities and goals for the 2022 General Assembly session are in the agenda.

Miyares stated the following in a news release:

“As a former member of the House of Delegates, I have great respect and reverence for the General Assembly and its processes. While it is not the Attorney General’s job to supersede the judgment of the General Assembly, there are policies that I support and believe would help make Virginia the best and safest place to live, work, and raise a family. 
“My legislative agenda includes policy proposals that will repeal several ‘criminal justice’ measures passed by the former far-left majority, support the voices of victims, fight back against human trafficking, provide greater protections to the elderly, help lower crime rates by fighting gun and gang violence through Project Ceasefire, and keep violent, repeat offenders behind bars."
Delegate Rob Bell, R-Albemarle, also stated the following:
“Crime victims and law enforcement deserve a prosecutor who will fight for justice. If the local Commonwealth’s Attorney won't, then the Attorney General should be able to step in and ensure their voices are heard.”
The legislative package includes the following house bills and senate bills:
  • HB 283 / SB 467: Human Trafficking Training for Law-Enforcement Personnel
  • HB 4, HB 59, HB 308, HB 985 / SB 2,SB 36, SB 287, SB 613: Reversing legislation that banned mandatory reporting of sexual assaults at school and other crimes to law enforcement
  • HJ 29 / SJ 32: Asset Forfeiture in Human Trafficking
  • SB 5: Making Virginia Parole Board member votes public records and subject to FOIA
  • HB 1235: Keeping violent criminals behind bars
  • HB 1198 / SB 563: Giving the Attorney General concurrent jurisdiction on specific violent crimes
  • SB 126: Gives more protections to the most vulnerable in our society
  • SB 124: Increases penalty on those with power of attorney to financial exploit vulnerable and elderly Virginians.
  • HB 108: Increases penalties for drug dealers whose drugs result in the death of another person