FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Fluvanna County School Board voted Thursday to make masks optional in schools and to end contact tracing associated with COVID-19 cases.

This comes in the wake of Governor Glenn Youngkin's executive order that gives local school boards the ability to drop mask mandates and leave the decision up to parents.

This updated policy went into effect immediately.

Not all of the members of the school board agree with having masks optional.

“It is what it is, not a, in my personal opinion, not a great day for Fluvanna County or for public health,” said Dr. James Kelley, who represents the Palmyra District on the school board. “But so be it.”

It’s not clear when the courts will decide if the mask mandate is required by state law.

Greene, Orange and Madison counties have also made masks optional inside school buildings.

The executive order is being challenged in court.