CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- University of Virginia fourth-year student Megan Sullivan has advanced to the semifinals in the "Jeopardy National College Championships."

UVA hosted a watch party where more than 100 students came to support Sullivan in her Jeopardy debut.

On top of studying for classes, the fourth-year student said she spent hours preparing for the competition, earning her skills that she believes will serve her after graduation as a Latin teacher.

"I think this is not directly useful in some ways, but it really showed me how to conduct myself in front of a large audience, which teachers need to do, and it showed me that I can really overcome a lot. I overcame so many nerves up there. I still played the game and I'm proud of that," said Sullivan.

Sullivan is one of 36 college students that were selected to participate. The first-place winner of the tournament will receive $250,000.