CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 Sports) -- Every goalkeeper seems to have a story getting thrown into the position, and it sticking. That was the case for Albemarle's Sydney Alexander.

"When I was 10 years old, I was goalkeeper for a few PKs for a tournament one time and we ended up winning the tournament in PKs," said Albemarle senior goalkeeper Sydney Alexander.

After getting hooked on soccer, Alexander played with her club team and dreamed about becoming part of the Patriots.

"All my older sisters have been playing high school and everything and that's the one thing I've been really looking forward to," said Alexander. "The moment I got into high school, thats when it really clicked that I do wanna play soccer more and this is what I wanna be doing."

"She's been rock solid for us as soon as she stepped on as a freshman willing to learn and get into our system," said Albemarle girls soccer coach Amy Sherrill.

Sydney's journey with AHS began on a high. Her freshman year the Patriots won the Class Five State Championship.

"That feeling of winning states I will probably never get over," said Alexander. "And obviously I want to have it again."

Riding the success from the state title, Sydney was ready for year two. However, her sophomore season was canceled due to COVID.

"Losing sophomore year and it would've been my final year to play with my oldest sister, losing that was probably one of the hardest things," said Alexander.

While she didn't get that last chance with her older sister, she is now back as the starting keeper and gets to lead her younger sister with the rest of the Patriots.

"Getting to play with them has made our bonds much closer and has made me a better teammate with everyone," said Alexander.

Sydney earned First-Team All-Jefferson District as a junior and embodies the leadership a goalkeeper needs to be successful.

"She's just so high energy for us that is so contagious all throughout the field, on and off the bench she is a rockstar," said Sherrill. "She's been behind great goalkeepers, and now she is our great goalkeeper and she's just absorbed everything that we've put in front of her

"I've been told that I'm really loud and I know thats needed for goalkeeping and everything," laughed Alexander. "You wanna make everyone feel comfortable and be able to trust you back there."

As the spring season is getting underway, Sydney is ready to lead the Patriots from the back.

"I think the biggest thing is to continue to be who she is and to stay within what she does really well, which is leading us from the back, vocalizing everything that she sees in front of us and to be a stud between the pipes, said Sherrill.