CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Some may call the ongoing confirmation hearings of Judge Katanji Brown Jackson "political theater," but experts say it may not be what people think. 

It's the first time a Black woman is sitting before a Senate Judiciary Committee in a Supreme Court confirmation hearing, and though some of the questions are relevant, for those watching at home, it may be more about the senators asking them than Jackson's answers. 

"So when Ted Cruz is grilling her or Josh Hawley is grilling her, it has far more to do with them than her,” said Jennifer Lawless, with the University of Virginia Miller Center.

Jackson has answered a lot of questions already this week, including ones from several likely 2024 Republican presidential primary candidates.

Lawless says they are hoping to capture attention.

"Questions about child pornography and sex trafficking, these are the types of questions that a lot of Republican candidates and Republican voters are going to think are really important,” Lawless added.

The late 1990s was the last time the majority of both parties voted to confirm Supreme Court justices.

"As our politics have become more and more fraught and more and more divided and more and more polarized, that gets played out,” said Barbara Perry, a SCOTUS expert with the Miller Center.

Perry says, in terms of the content of the questions, we haven't seen anything play out quite like this before. Lawless agrees. 

"These hearings epitomize the poise that is still required and the double standard for women and particularly women of color in politics,” said Lawless.

The Senate hopes to hold a confirmation vote by April 8. Both Lawless and Perry believe it is highly likely Jackson will be confirmed.