CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- With many graduations right around the corner, this is often the time of year when new graduates begin exploring career strategies and how they can market themselves to potential employers.

In this week's Community Counts, Bo Sykes sits down with Anne Lesko from UVA Community Credit Union to discuss how new graduates can market themselves to potential employers.

Bo Sykes: What advice would you give someone who is looking for a new job?

Anne Lesko: Take stock in your skill set What do you like to do? How does what you like to do line up with the jobs you are considering?

Consider tailoring your resume to the positions you are applying to. Have a few versions that highlight different skills, and pay attention to what will help an employer understand how your skills or experiences might translate to what they are looking for.
When you do receive an email or call from a potential employer – act quickly! A candidate who is quick to engage in a conversation shows that they are excited about the opportunity.

Bo Sykes: How can someone really put their best foot forward during a job interview?

Anne Lesko: Whether you are interviewing in person, or online it's critical to make a really great impression

Dress professionally. Do your homework. Research the company you are interviewing with and find ways to incorporate what speaks to you about the organization's mission. Review and the job description and be prepared to show how your skills align with the role. Be prepared with specific examples of how you have handled a challenging scenario and your role in a successful project.

If you don't have work experience lean on work you have done for school groups, volunteer work, or other organizations

Always have questions. When a candidate doesn't have any questions that is a signal that they may not have thought through how they see themselves on the team.

If you list a personal or business reference, just make sure you give them a heads-up and make sure that they are willing to provide a recommendation to your potential employer.

And, a post interview thank you note or follow-up email is a nice touch. It demonstrates follow through and keeps your name in the mind of the interviewer.

Bo Sykes: So is the Credit Union hiring right now and how can people find out about jobs at the credit union?

Anne Lesko: UVA Community Credit Union is growing. We are looking for great people to help support our community, so we encourage anyone who might be interested to review our current opening at

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