CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- After three years of separation, two Afghan brothers are now reunited, all thanks to International Neighbors, a nonprofit in Charlottesville.

Sied and Gul Mohammad Mushwani aren't typical brothers. Their father died when they were young, forcing Sied to step up as the man of the family and raise his younger brother.

They formed a bond closer than most, but when they came to America, they were sent to different states and they didn't know when or if they'd be reunited.

“The whole airport started clapping,” recalled Adeline Masah, the Director of Outreach at International Neighbors.

The tearful reunion at the Charlottesville Albemarle Airport is a moment the Mushwani brothers will never forget.

“It was emotional, it was an amazing moment for him. He cannot forget that moment never,” said Sied.

It's just the beginning for the brothers who are now able to live together again, which they were told at one point might not be possible.

“They were told no many many times, so for us to do that it's just the biggest moment,” said Masah.

She said International Neighbors was able to succeed where other agencies had failed in reconnecting the family and finding them housing.

“I mean he had tears in his eyes. He said you don't understand this is like my son so this is very important to me that he comes here,” said Masah.

Although acclimating to life in the United States has been challenging, the brothers say it's better now that they're back together.

“It's a priceless moment when we are together. We're not stressing, we're not having to worry about each other anymore. We're together,” said Sied. 

The brothers say their next priority is to bring over other family members who are still in Afghanistan.