NELSON COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Lumberjills and lumberjacks gathered in Nelson County this weekend to compete in the Backbone Lumberjack Classic.

There are 36 lumberjacks and jills from all over the country, including Virginia, that will show off their skills.

During the event, the Backbone Brewing Company will celebrate a beer called the Backbone Premium Lager.

Haynes Humphreys, the COO of the brewing company, says they want to take things to the next level.

"The lager is a really humble beer. We've taken it really seriously and taken it to the next level. We are really good lager brewers," he said. "So, we wanted to really celebrate the everyday things that people take to the next level. So, a lot of folks in this area spend their weekends trimming trees, splitting wood, and cutting down trees out in their backyard, but these folks behind me have taken it to the next level."

Throughout the event, people saw different types of competitions like ax cutting, springboard, stock saw, and underhand chop. Putting the event together was not a simple task.

Scooter Cogar, who is hosting the event, drove more than 800 miles to get the materials needed and also says that this classic is a vision he's had for a while.

"It's awesome. I was here last night with my wife after we were done setting it up. It was dark outside, but there was a nice kind of cast light on the stage," said Cogar. "And I told her, I was in my mind when I first started hosting shows and putting them together. This is the culmination of what I wanted."

The winners of the men's and women's contests will be awarded $1,000 each. Leaders say they are excited to bring something not as common in Virginia to the area.

"It feels great. I love that we can bring this sort of thing to the community out here, because there's nothing like this in this area. I think we are one of the only events in Virginia, and it's not something you get to see every day. And that is a service we can provide to the Charlottesville and Nelson County community," said Humphreys.