ORANGE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- There will be 11 new members of the Montpelier Foundation Board of Directors following a vote on Monday morning.

According to a release, these new members were selected from a list of 20 nominees recommended by the Montpelier Descendants Committee.

Both the Montpelier Foundation and representatives for the Montpelier Descendants Committee say this results in parity in the governance of the historic estate.

The names of the new members of the board will be announced on Tuesday.

“I am very pleased that the goal of parity has been achieved and that the Foundation has added such distinguished new members to its board," said Gene Hickok, the outgoing chairman of the board. "I wish the board every success in moving ahead for Montpelier’s benefit.”

The MDC also says the candidates not chosen to be on the board have been invited to join an advisory council so they can be active with decisions at Montpelier.

The committee says efforts will now focus on restoring Montpelier as a model for governance at historic sites around the world.

Additionally, Greg Werkheiser, the attorney for the MDC, says he believes recent high-level firings occurred in retaliation for speaking out on behalf of the descendants of those who were once enslaved at the site.

"I think they are going to take, just one breath this evening, and enjoy the fact that this is a major milestone for Montpelier, for Virginia, and for other sites of conscience around the world," he said.

The new board is planning to rehire those staffers that were recently fired.

To read a statement from the Montpelier Descendants Committee, click here.