CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A Charlottesville-based company wants to build a solar project in southern Albemarle County.

According to a release, Hexagon Energy has applied for a special use permit to build a 138-megawatt solar project called Woodridge Solar.

The project would be located on a privately owned industrial timber farm.

Hexagon says it would be able to provide energy for up to 25,000 homes in the country for the next 35 years. There are currently about 45,000 homes in Albemarle County.

The release says that if this project is approved, it would help Albemarle County meet about 20 percent of its 2050 net-zero greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals from the electric sector, as described in the first phase of the county’s Climate Action Plan.

The project would also work to put in stream buffers and pollinator-friendly meadows, reduce water usage on the property, and more.

“In order for a utility-scale solar project to truly have a positive environmental impact, it needs to check off many boxes,” said Scott Remer, Director of Development for Hexagon Energy. “These include helping to meet a locality’s climate goals; providing clean, low-cost energy to communities; and, having positive rather than detrimental impacts on local agriculture and land use.”

He also says the company is glad to have found a property close to its home base.

The release adds the project would create more than 250 green jobs during the construction of the facility and provide million in economic benefits to the county.

Additionally, the project will connect to Dominion Energy’s high-voltage line through a new substation that will be built on the site, which will be handled through a separate special use permit request that has also been submitted.

Hexagon hopes to have the project completed in 2024.