ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Some Albemarle County high school students don’t want to see Virginia pull out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

At Monticello High School, seniors are annually tasked with addressing local policy issues as part of a U.S. government class.

This year, seniors Carlos Armengol and Caroline Devine opted to address Virginia’s participation in the RGGI.

The Commonwealth joined the regional initiative just last year under then-Governor Ralph Northam.

The RGGI aims to help all of the states in it, of which there are currently 11, to reduce emissions from their energy sectors.

It is a cap-and-trade program that limits emissions from power production and allows for the auctioning off of allowances to allow for exceeding those limits.

Over time, the allowances get smaller, which requires companies to reduce their overall emissions.

Revenue from these programs also helps to support sustainability projects across Virginia.

Governor Glenn Youngkin has said he wants to remove Virginia from the RGGI.

This week, the MHS students launched an online petition to raise awareness about this issue and to prevent legislation that would pull the Commonwealth out. 

That petition can be found here.