CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Water was not the only thing flowing in the rivers around town Monday.

A mix of locals and tourists hopped on the water this Memorial Day to cool off and relax.

On Monday, plenty of people were celebrating Memorial Day in their own ways.
Some groups decided to bring their kayaks or inflatable tubes down to the Rivanna River.

While citizens were taking advantage of the holiday, they have not lost sight of the day's purpose.

"The best way to honor those that have died is to get out, enjoy the day, be kind to everybody. Doesn't matter where we are from, all beliefs or whatever, we owe it to those that died for us," said Kelly Jo Sankey, a local veteran who was taking advantage of the river during her holiday.

That is exactly what people did. Others were out walking their dogs, biking, and doing other fun activities.