CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Each June brings fresh faces to the ballpark at Charlottesville High School, but the new face leading the Tom Sox this summer is a familiar one to fans.

Former player Ramon Garza returns to Charlottesville this summer now as the head coach after featuring on the 2019 Valley Baseball League championship team. For the dozens of players who are new to Central Virginia, Garza has set the standard of what playing for the Tom Sox is like.

"He's just one of the many guys that has said how awesome it is to be here," pitcher Tyler Horvat said, "The team takes really good care of you, nothing negative to say about here at all."

The boys of summer just arrived this week in Charlottesville with a large chunk still playing college baseball with NCAA Tournament regional play starting this weekend. The Tom Sox will also begin their season on Friday, June 3 with a trip to Harrisonburg before playing their first home game on Saturday, June 4 against the Covington Lumberjacks at 7 p.m.

Garza was set for a second stint with the Tom Sox in the summer of 2020 before COVID-19 wiped out the season. Now reunited with his summer ball club, Garza hopes to provide his players with a similar experience to his 2019 title-winning season.

"We're going to come out here and have a lot of fun, we've got guys coming from a lot of good schools and very talented individuals and I want to do the best I can to not only let them get better," Garza said, "I want these guys to have that same experience that I had in 2019, which was instrumental in my baseball career and my collegiate career."

As a former player Garza has sold his players already on the atmosphere at Tom Sox home games as well as the expectations for bringing a third VBL title back to Charlottesville.

"This is my first time playing, going away from home and summer ball, so I'm really excited to do that, meet guys from all over the country on the same journey as me," catcher Julian Rojas said, "I know I'm on a great team, I'm excited to bring home a championship because I know we've got it in us."