BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) - In Arvonia, there is a farm that holds quite the hidden treasures.

Jan Green has turned the equipment shed at Wheatland Equine into something that is dear to her heart, a pottery studio for her company "Wheatland Wares."

"I started doing markets, so I get the connection with customers but also with other vendors," she said when asked about how she started and why she loves what she does. "I get to witness everyone else's talent. So it's a lot of fun. It's its own little community if you will. You just appreciate all of the talent other people have and sometimes it's just so surprising. So I like to be challenged physically and mentally and that's how I worked through my medical career, so I am just sort of continuing that." 

Green even uses her artistic talent and platform in Central Virginia to bring awareness to current world events. 

"I have done this sunflower line to help support the Ukraine people. I have a friend who vends who is Ukrainian and her family is still over there. That is what inspired me to get started. The sunflower is the Ukrainian flower. They grow most of the sunflowers in the world," said Green.

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