CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- One of the top COVID-19 experts at the University of Virginia Health System, Dr. Bill Petri, is doing well after he says he was infected with the virus.

On Monday, he spoke about his experience with the virus and what he did to stay healthy.

Petri, an infectious disease expert, has recently come back from isolating himself, but he says the actions he took before getting sick are what helped him.

"So that's the reason I got infected, so even though I have been vaccinated and boosted, the virus has mutated enough that the vaccine doesn’t work great to prevent infection," he said. "But, the really nice thing is it kept me pretty healthy, you know, I had a bad day and a half at home. If this had happened two and a half years ago, I just don't want to even think about the consequences would've been for me sort of being high risk, being my age."

He also talked about taking Paxlovid while he was sick and how helpful it was in managing his symptoms. This is an oral medication that eases COVID-19 symptoms in adults.

Petri thinks everyone will eventually get COVID-19 as the pandemic gradually turns into an endemic, but he made sure to emphasize how effective vaccines are. Several health experts, including Petri, have been expecting that kind of development.