ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Saturday is the first-ever Descendents Day at James Monroe's Highland.

Descendants of enslaved workers say it's a day to tell the stories of those who came before them, and it's a step in the right direction to tell a more complete history.

Jennifer Stacy's ancestors were slaves at James Monroe's Highland. She grew up just down the road from the presidential home.

“There are days that I feel angry that they were enslaved here,” she said. “There are days that I feel very lucky and blessed to give them voices to actually be able to give them voices.”

Now Stacy has made it her mission to tell her ancestors' stories, especially the ones they weren't able to tell themselves.

“They were invisible and forgotten, and this is a good way to remember them and give a voice to the voiceless,” she said.

That's exactly what Descendents Day is all about; honoring ancestors and learning the full history of Highland.

“Really take a harder look at the history and actually challenge it and make sure that it's more inclusive and more complete in terms of telling the history of the enslaved that were here,” said George Monroe, whose ancestors also were enslaved laborers at Highland.

He says this event and these conversations are ones that will travel far past Highlands.

"What better backdrop than a presidential site to have conversations and tackle such a race,” said Monroe.

Highland says this is an event it plans on continuing for years to come.