CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 Sports) -- The National Champion Virginia men's tennis program found a perfect harmony of veterans and underclassman, setting the Wahoos up for continued success in the future.

Throught the season, the standout sophomore trio of Chris Rodesch, Inaki Montes de la Torre and Jeffrey von der Schuerburg played singles 1, 2, 3. The back half of the lineup featured more experienced players, anchored by Ryan Goetz, Gianni Ross and Bar Botzer.

Head coach Andres Pedroso even made a point to continue the balance into doubles, pairing each of the second years with a veteran player for pairings. 

Rodesch, Montes and von der Schulerburg all joined the program from European countries, learning the ropes of American college tennis in their first years. In year two, the trio felt more comfortable and confident. 

 "I feel like it's only going to get better from here because we'll be more experienced," said UVA sophomore tennis player Jeffrey von der Schulerburg. "We know what it's like now because I feel like last we were a bit all over the place because we're not from America. College tennis is like, what? At the end we were a bit burnt out but I feel like this season we were ready to bounce back much better. I think it will be even better in the future."

Next season, they will headline the returning group as juniors. With two years of experience, and a national title under their belt, the Wahoos feel the future is bright and they're eager to continue that success for the next few years.

"The future does look bright and I can tell you right now these guys are not satisfied, if anything this only motivated them more," said Pedroso. "They're already back to work and talking about next year. That's really exciting, that shows you the culture's right, the culture's in a good place. We've gotta keep working and stay humble but I'm really lucky to coach this team and for them to be this young and accomplish this at this stage is really special."