CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Three local nonprofits are benefiting from Carter Bank and Trust's generosity.

The Chris Long Foundation, the Piedmont Family YMCA, and All Blessings Flow each received a $500 check from the bank on Tuesday.

"We feel really strongly that the work that all three do, giving back to the community, it really helps us be able to sponsor them and help them move their mission along, so we're really happy to do that," Community Bank Officer Josh Ryan said.

Ryan says each organization will use the money towards its mission.

"We're super excited to use this contribution for a new program that we're launching in here Charlottesville in collaboration with Charlottesville City Schools called Edzone. Edzone is all about helping kids walk into their door of their classroom feeling comfortable and confident and ready to learn,” Executive Director of the Chris Long Foundation Nancy Hopkins said.

"We are doing a send-a-kid-to-camp campaign. There are a lot of children that would like to attend camp but probably cannot financially afford to, so this would help offset some of their costs,” Vice President of Youth Development for Piedmont Family YMCA Bonita Patton said.

"We're able to find folks who have a desperate need because of their disability or a serious health issue, and then we provide the medical equipment they can't afford to take care of themselves,” Co-founder of All Blessings Flow Douglas Dodd said.

It's an initiative through which Carter Bank and Trust helps local nonprofits each year, with the goal of making Central Virginia a better place.

"Carter is deeply invested and engrained in the community in which we serve, and our hope is that with this donation and this sponsorship, and the FOX Virginia Charity Spotlight, that we're able to help them get their message out to those who may not otherwise be aware of the work they're doing in the community," Ryan said.