CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) - In Central Virginia, it used to be rare to find fresh Chesapeake Bay oysters.

But then Salty Bottom Blue Oysters arrived at wineries across Charlottesville last year.

“The oysters are raised in the Chesapeake Bay on Sting Ray Point at the mouth of the Rappahannock and the Piankatank River," said Liam Moreland of Salty Bottom Blue Oysters. "They are the freshest oysters that are available in Charlottesville.”

Harvested each week, the oysters make it from sea to plate within just hours. A year in, Salty Bottom Blue Oysters' following is growing exponentially.

The company can be found at various wineries each weekend, and it sometimes even has a party to give back to the environment.

“We are having a party July 30," said Virginia Williams, an employee. "I don’t know if anyone has seen anything like this before. The entire community aspect that we’re going to bring into place is going to bring something new to the area for sure. We actually started a nonprofit, it’s called The Legacy Oyster Reef to benefit the Chesapeake Bay and bring back the oyster population.”

And there is a reason why the company picked Charlottesville.

“Charlottesville is just a fun town to go to. It’s a party town, really,” said Scott Gray, the owner of Salty Bottom Blue Oysters.

For more information regarding their oysters or tickets to the Salty Bottom Blue Oyster Party, click here.