ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A group of Albemarle County Public School teachers are being awarded money for classroom projects.

The $15,000 in grants is being distributed to ten teachers across the division.

Western Albemarle High School teacher Meghan Streit, Hollymead Elementary School's Catherine Simpson, Burley Middle School teachers Tina Goode and John Worozbyt, Stone Robinson's Angie Forman, Mountain View Elementary School's Lori Brodhead, and Meriwether Lewis teacher Anne Straume, Brownsville Elementary librarian Gay Baker, Teacher Susi Page from Red Hill Elementary and Lisa Boyce from Henley Middle School were all awarded.

The money is awarded by the Edgar and Eleanor Shannon Foundation.

The Foundation is named for University of Virginia President Emeritus Edgar F. Shannon, Jr., and his wife Eleanor in honor of their contributions to public education over many years.

The foundation was established in 1990 to fund projects by public school teachers.

According to the foundation, teachers who have received grants each year have documented increases in student test scores and a greater enthusiasm for learning.

Albemarle County Public Schools spokesperson Helen Dunn says teachers across the division apply for these grants, which help when the school budget cannot cover the costs.

"There's not always a ton of extra funding for what we call teacher innovation, which is just that educator creativity that can really enhance student and academic experiences in our schools," Dunn said.

This year, the foundation also funded three projects that total $6,938 for Charlottesville City Schools.

Overall, the grants this year for both county and city school divisions total $21,946.

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