CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Local infants and young children may be eligible for COVID-19 vaccines as early as next week.  

The University of Virginia held a briefing on Friday to lay out a plan to get shots into arms. 

As of Friday morning, the Food and Drug Administration authorized that age group to get vaccinated, meaning there is only one more step before vaccinations can begin. 

On Saturday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet to review the data submitted by the FDA and make a final vote on whether or not to recommend these vaccines for the youngest population.

Once the go-ahead is given, the vaccines will be shipped to medical centers as early as Monday. 

UVA Health officials say there will be a heavier reliance on primary care doctors and pediatricians to administer the vaccines. 

Moderna will be two doses separated by four weeks. 

Pfizer will be three doses. The first two doses will be separated by three weeks and the third dose will follow eight weeks after the second dose. 

Again, the move still needs approval from the CDC. It's expected to pass because the CDC director has already signed off on the recommendation.