CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- The discus throw was nearly a meter off from Claudio Romero's career best, but far enough for the Virginia junior to bring home the NCAA discus individual championship.

Romero won on a throw of 66.17 meters, besting collegiate record-holder Mykolas Alekna in Oregon at the NCAA Championships.

A week after winning an NCAA Championship in discus, Claudio Romero is back in the gym preparing for a run at another championship.

"I wanted to take a break, be with my friends, but I feel like being a world champion would be a lot better," Romero laughed.

Romero became just the seventh UVA male athlete to win an individual NCAA title, but the native of Chile is focused on World Championships in less than a month.

"A milestone that I wanted to get, but it's definitely not the biggest competition of the year that I have on the schedule," Romero said, "My mind is still on worlds, so it's like alright I won NCAAs that's a preparation to Worlds."

The national champion will return to the very same circle in Oregon for the World Championships in mid-July with a chance to add another impressive feat.

"When he's here, he trains 110 percent," UVA throws coach Martin Maric said, "So when he shows up he wants it, he will do all the work necessary and I think for the World Championships now he wants it really bad. He can be as dangerous as he was at NCAAs."

Originally a rugby player, Romero discovered throwing as an offseason sport in Chile to avoid running, but the showman in him quickly saw a future.

"First time that I qualified for a world championship I said, 'I want to be like this guy' because some of the other guys getting all the pictures, getting all the interviews, I was like I want to be that guy," Romero said, "So over the summer I went to practice, got to work, got as strong as I could and that very next season I became World U-18 champion."

Recruiting heated up shortly after and Romero was enamored with the possibility of throwing on scholarship, just not for UVA at first.

"Coach Maric reached out to me on the UVA throws [Instagram] page that at the time had 1,000 followers, so I was like what is this," Romero laughed, "So I kind of ignored it at first, my focus was in bigger athletic schools such as Georgia or Texas."

After meeting Maric though and seeing the plan laid out for him, Romero changed his mind. But he joined the Cavaliers as a somehow scrawnier, often mistaken for an offensive lineman now, raw thrower with the potential to become a champion.

"Claudio showed he had a lot of speed and he already had height and with speed the strength will come, his talent was there," Maric said, "I'm happy a lot of coaches passed on it or didn't want to take the risk, we did and it paid out."

NCAA Champions like Claudio Romero are rare at UVA and characters like him are even fewer.

"At the end we're just doing this to entertain other people," Romero said, "Might mean a lot more to us, but the full picture is why would you do it if nobody's there to watch it. So I just try my best to give people a little show."