FLUVANNA COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Summer is here and people are heading out onto the water.

For those who might be getting on boats, experts have a few things they say should be kept in mind.

Before getting on a boat, check the weather forecast.

Once out on the water, if there is thunder or lightning, people need to immediately get off the water and take shelter someplace safe.

In situations involving a power source like an extension cord, users need to make sure it is marine rated.

The Lake Monticello Water Rescue Team says the biggest reminder is that everyone needs to have a properly fitted life jacket, including children.

“Adult-sized PFD don't work well, they tend to fall out of them and likewise, a kids PFD does not sufficiently float an adult,” said John Lye, the team chief. “So you want to have the right size for all the people on board. That is the number one thing I can’t stress enough and make they’re close at hand so you get to them in an emergency."

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