CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Fifty years after Title IX was signed into law, the significance is not lost on Virginia Director of Athletics Carla Williams.

"With the anniversary coming up, it's important to a lot of us, not just women, in our industry," Williams said, "It's important across the board."

As the first female African-American Power 5 athletic director when she was hired by UVA in 2017, Williams represents the opportunities Title IX set out to create for women in sports. Those chances started for Williams as a young guard given a scholarship to Georgia by coach Andy Landers, an opportunity she credits for setting her path to success.

"I'm not sitting here but for Title IX. There isn't a scholarship for me to have at the University of Georgia but for Title IX and the generosity of donors," Williams said, "If I don't have that experience, I'm certainly not here."

Currently, Williams is one of only five female Power 5 athletic directors and says her leadership at Virginia has been shaped by the impact Title IX has made on her life.

"From a very personal standpoint, I understand the benefits of Title IX, that's really important to me," Williams said, "You can ask anyone on our staff, they will tell you, because leadership starts at the top, is gender equity important? Is Title IX important? It's very important."

Throughout the month of June, the social media posts and stories for the 50th anniversary of Title IX have been numerous celebrating the momentous moment for gender equality in athletics. While a reminder of the strides made since 1972, Williams hopes her children notice what can still happen.

"I love seeing all of the celebrations, celebrations of the anniversary, across the country," Williams said, "I've got two daughters and a son. It's just as important that my son see those celebrations as my daughters because that's how we change moving forward."