GREENE COUNTY, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Upscale camping has a new lease on life in Greene County. After being originally shot down by the Greene County Board of Supervisors, the plan is back in a new location.

There are still people who are not happy about the proposal.

In a big change from a few months ago, the county Planning Commission voted unanimously to support a "glamping" site.

Even though there is much more support from the local government, some people in the county aren't convinced.

“It's created a lot of rifts in our county,” said Stanardsville resident Doug Roberts.

The proposed upscale campsite was turned down in April, but now its developers have moved the 144 -tent campsite from Mutton Hollow Road to Stanardsville.

Mayor Gary Lowe says this could be an economic development that lines up with the community's long-term vision.

“The town has been working for two decades to bring in tourism and bring in other businesses, and that business is just custom made for what we're looking for,” he said.

While the planning commission has approved the application, the debate is still there.

“I kind of feel like, if this goes through, our board of supervisors would be turning their backs on us,” said Roberts.

Roberts lives just down the road and fears what the potential tourist site would do to his neighborhood.

“We do not want this here this is far too big in size and scope,” he said.

Still, Lowe says tourists are exactly what the town needs.

“They enjoy the place. They spend their money, go into our stores, and then they go home, so we don't have to educate their children, which is one of our biggest items of expense,” he said.

It's not the only business knocking on the rural county's door. A Wawa is also being proposed in the designated growth area in Ruckersville, which is a sign that more development is on the horizon.

“The words getting out about Greene County,” said Lowe.

The Greene County Board of Supervisors will vote on the projects on June 28.

Lowe also said Corrin Capshaw and Dave Matthews were looking to build an amphitheater in the same location as this proposed glampsite about 20 years ago. The county turned it down and the venue is now in Charlottesville as Ting Pavilion.