CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 SPORTS) -- Roads are rarely straight-forward in life and former Charlottesville High School standout Rashard Davis knows better than most.

"It's been up and down but I was talking to one of my friends and he was like you've got to enjoy the journey," Davis said, "Because at the end of it, that's what you really remember."
Since an All-American career at James Madison where he won an FCS championship in 2016, Davis has spent time with the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles, the former Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tennessee Titans, where he made an appearance on the active roster, but is still searching for another NFL opportunity.
"My phone is always beside me," Davis said to CBS19 Sports while working out in Charlottesville, "But I'm really just enjoying being back with the family and like I said, time goes by fast and being away at camp and and not always having those times."
This spring Davis took part in the brand new USFL in Birmingham with the Tampa Bay Bandits, finishing near the top of the league in receiving yards (369 yards, No. 10 in the league), yards per catch (16.8, No. 1) and punt return yards (224, No. 1).
"Honestly it was fun, I haven't been in one of the other leagues other than the NFL and it was something that was kind of eye opening," Davis said, "I felt like I was able to get the film that I was looking for.  I really went out there and wanted to improve myself and show them what I can do when given the opportunity."
Now waiting for another opportunity, Davis is spending the summer back in Charlottesville, working out with former UVA standout and current Chargers wide receiver Joe Reed.
"We go back and forth with different drills and different things to work on, different techniques," Davis said, "You don't get down when someone is criticizing you, you take it as a pointer to get better and it will help me the next time I'm going against another skilled DB because he is going against guys that I've gone against before."
While still chasing his dreams, Davis never misses an opportunity to help kids in the community achieve the same dreams working camps and inviting them to his own workouts.
"it's just me showing them that they can go out and do it and it's not far out of reach, it's very attainable, you just got to put the work in," Davis said, "I like to bring kids out here if they want to work out just to show them that it is not anything exclusive that we're doing.  You can come out here anytime you want to.  If you want to work, let's work."
The question of what is next does not bother Davis as much after the last five years.
"One of my friends, Khalif, said keep your peace," Davis said, "Don't let people stress you out because they are going to go about their day and you're going to be all discombobulated. So just try to keep a level head and stay on course."