RICHMOND, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- A Charlottesville native who now lives in Richmond has dedicated her free time and energy to helping all kinds of animals in need.

Alexandra Kessler created the Adopt RVA Instagram page as a way to encourage people to adopt animals instead of buying them.

“I started my own Instagram to raise awareness for animals in need and I wanted to focus it on to try to discourage people from going to a breeder because there’s so many animals in general that need homes. I am just trying to have people save a life besides going to buy a dog,” said Kessler.

Independent from the rescues she regularly works with, Kessler missed her work in managing social media and launched the Instagram page to make homes for even more rescues right in the area.

“I focus it on Charlottesville to Richmond and all of the surrounding areas and there’s a few different ways to submit," said Kessler. "Sometimes I will see different animals on another account that I follow. And then I have had a lot of people reach out and say they want to gain exposure, so people can see this particular animal and ask if I can post them. I really like that because I get to see which animals have been in shelters for a while and I really want to get them out there to find their forever home.”

With all of this time and dedication, Kessler's passion for this cause continues, and she is looking ahead to where she would like her page to go from here.

“I got my first dog from the Charlottesville SPCA and I used to volunteer there a lot when I was younger during Girl Scouts and everything. I see what the animals go through who have been abused and neglected and it just makes me so sad because there’s just so many out there, so if one person can do as much as they can it just makes such a big difference,” said Kessler.

To check out the animals she has up for adoption or to submit a candidate of your own to be featured, click here and send Kessler a direct message.