CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS ) -- With high temperatures in the United States making it harder for some businesses to run effectively, one business in Charlottesville is struggling because it doesn't have A/C.

Great Harvest Bread Company has struggled to stay open after its A/C went out on July 8.

Aileen Magnotto, the owner of Great Harvest Bread Company, states that not only does the lack of A/C affect business profits, but it also affects other businesses, especially local food banks to which the bakery donates its leftovers.

She says that this is also a safety concern.

"The number one concern is the safety of my crew," said Magnotto. "It's really hard in here to turn on the ovens and maintain a safe temperature. We also can't really make bread when it's above 90 degrees in here because it proofs within minutes."

The high temperatures also have an effect on other businesses, especially with the national supply chain shortage in the U.S.