CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va (CBS19 News) -- Taking a road trip this summer?

Make sure to pay attention to the posted speed limits. Following them could save your life and others'.

ACPD, UVA Police, along with others held a unified enforcement initiative today to stress the importance, idea, and narrative of safe driving, especially when it comes to speed.

They say summer time is a season for distraction on the roads.

"You know it’s easy to get distracted in the summertime,” said Officer Kate Kane, ACPD. “We are thinking of a lot of things, vacations, work, you know, cookouts.

And we can forget that our foot is on the accelerator sometimes.

So be a little bit more mindful the roadways are for everyone. So, it’s not just your life you are out there protecting, but its everyone else's."

Officials there said humans are fragile and when speed goes up, survivability goes down.

Be sure to pay attention to speed limit signs because they may change from county and city.