CHARLOTTE, Nc. ( CBS19 SPORTS) --The final day of the ACC football kickoff welcomed Tony Elliott alongside Brennan Armstrong, Keytaon Thompson and Nick Jackson. They came in with some swag wearing hand crafted shoes designed by former wahoo Jay Huff's wife; Lindsay Huff. But Elliott didn't come just to show off his sneakers, his talked everything from the running game, the coaching transition and his expectations for the season.

One of the reoccurring conversations that was had was about the O-line. Virginia's top 6 linemen from last year are all gone leaving UVA with little experience. In fact Elliott said it's one of his biggest regrets that they couldn't retain some of those linemen. But in the end he says he has confidence that the younger contingent like Jonathan Leech, Derrick Devine, Logan Taylor can step up and protect Armstrong.

"I feel good about being able to put a solid, good starting 5 with some flexibility, maybe having two guys that are ready to roll but I gotta do a great job with the staff and these young guys developing some of these freshman and having them ready to play some significant snaps or some relief snaps and develop and grow the rest of the season," said Elliott, "I feel good with having about maybe or 8 guys ready to go once we hit the season but we definitely gotta get those guys to develop and step up and at least 2 deep on OL that we feel good about."