CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Construction on the Belmont Bridge replacement project is now in its fifth year, and it's on schedule.

The eastern side of the downtown bridge is on track to be completed this fall.

At that time, traffic will shift from the western side and then crews will begin the process to build that side of the project.

This aims to ensure that traffic will continue to flow through the area.

Over the last year, a lot of the work has been preparing for such traffic shifts and parts of the project.

The new bridge will include improved bike lanes, walkways and turning lanes as well as a new bridge that will be designed to last for decades.

The reason the project is taking so long is that it had to be done in stages.

"If we were able to tear down both bridges and rebuild, you would see it quicker, but that would be quite a bit of impact to the public on trying to get off Route 20," said Jeanette Janiczek, the UCI Program Manager with Charlottesville Neighborhood Development Services.

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