CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- Rising seventh and eighth graders participated in the University of Virginia's Equity Center's new summer camp called Starr Hill Pathways.

The camp took place Friday with students in Albemarle County and Charlottesville schools.

The Starr Hill camp was a three-week program that aimed to expose children and teenagers to numerous careers and majors.

Students also got the opportunity to create their own music videos through Lighthouse Studios.

Friday was an opportunity to get a look at the lessons in architecture and medical science.

"It's important, as University of Virginia, we can provide access to these opportunities for kids with the hope that we support these kids," said Ben Allen, the executive director of the UVA Equity Center. "They are now rising seventh and eighth graders. As they get older, one of the things that we hope is that they choose a school like UVA to go to. Having UVA in the backyard, we can give them different exposures to different careers, pathways, and majors."

The program will serve as a year-round program as a college and career pipeline for those from seventh to 12th graders.