CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The Mega Millions jackpot rose to more than $1 billion on Friday.

A manager at an area Sheetz said she saw more people than usual on Friday, coming in to play. There was even a lottery employee at the store to help people with the machines.

The Mega Millions jackpot of around $1.2 billion is approaching the highest amount in the game’s history.

According to, the record was set in 2018 when it reached $1.5 billion.

"If I won a billion dollars it would go to my children and a lot to the church," said a lady at Sheetz.

"I'd pay all my bills, I’d probably buy me a house and buy me a new truck," said a man at Sheetz.

"You know, boat, car, a second boat, a second car. I have kids so yeah," said another man.

A local financial adviser would agree with the first person. They say the smartest thing to do with the winnings would be to give most of it away.

"I would tell you to give all of it but whatever you might need to pay off your debts and then probably a million and then give it all away. Anybody, if you won the lottery, that is what I would tell you to do," said Susan Wilkinson, Wilkinson Wealth Management.

If you are the lucky winner, she says you should hire three specific people.

"Get a very, very good estate planning attorney, get a very good CPA, and probably get a very good family therapist because your life is going to change forever," said Wilkinson.

She adds that by giving away most of the money, you will create your own legacy that will last after you are gone.

She also says that even having only a couple of million dollars can allow for a comfortable lifestyle.