CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) -- The University of Virginia hosted its Blast Camp for Kids, where children learn about science and technology and how they work together.

Both of these two involve chemistry as well as robotics, and then an event called trash selectors. 

Larry Richards, who used to be a professor at UVA, had his students take the trash and transform it so it could hold a bottle of water and go down a slide without spilling any water. 

“We have four basic activities, two of which involve chemistry and then there’s a robotics one, and then there’s mine which is trash selectors,” he said.

Richards shared that he hopes these kids walk away knowing failure is perfectly okay when it comes to learning, and that sometimes the best ideas come from failure.

“Well in my case, you know they don’t have much background in engineering, so I try to introduce them to the engineering and design process and get them used to the idea that they could be engineers if they knew what engineering was all about,” he said.

The camp is expected to last until Thursday.